SSPnetworks® is company providing services for telecommunication companies and their contractors. We build, upgrade, swap and install technologies on sites all over the Europe. Our teams work at heights and in difficulty conditions according to our customer requirements.

About us

We are new company primarily based and operating in EU and Norway, established by experienced people in telecommunication industry, previously worked on same projects in different companies, who meet each other that way and decided to merge all good energy and positive everyday cooperation in new approach working model.

Based on idea to fulfill any client expectations, commitments, demands or challenges the main goal is providing high quality service with the best skilled individuals on telecommunication market. Overcoming increasing labor costs by benefits in good organizations and planning, rotations of teams, also in benefits for young parents and their families are our major principle when employing new members in our team. With that approach we are in opportunity to have the best individuals, working satisfied, optimizing work process and making extraordinary results.


We provide high quality installation, commissioning and network integration services for telecommunication infrastructure projects across Europe, Norway and Sweden as well. Our team has experience across a broad range of equipment and technologies including cellular, microwave, fiber optic and satellite systems.

We offer turnkey services and solutions:

  • Site survey, Site design and As Built documentation.
  • Structural steel and support construction work.Installation, integration, testing, troubleshooting and optimization of BS (all technologies), MW, GPS and Wi-Fi networks.
  • All optimization activities, documentations and transport for Final Acceptance.
  • Warehouse service in several regions.
  • Full capacity and knowledge base for big infrastructure and FTTH projects with planning, design, civil and fiber networks works, installations FTUs and As Built documentation.
  • Solar power plant design and installation.

Our commitment to quality and safety will made SSP Networks a trusted and reliable partner to you for a long-term cooperation.

Our Capacity

We are proud to offer, for any pilot challenge and any moment you need:

  • 3 fully equipped teams (2-3 members)
  • 1 project coordinator
  • 2 site survey technicians
  • 1-2 certificated electricians
  • 3-5 engineers for site design in back-office team

Our teams have a lot of experience with high OHS standard, last major project was Telia Swap 2021-2022 in Norway, and currently active on IceNet Swap. But besides Ericsson and Nokia all of them use to work on wide scale with Huawei, even Alcatel and ZTE.

Our car/van fleet included brand new 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD, optimized with cabinets for spare materials and tools, capable for transport of equipment in all weather conditions.

Number of teams can be expanded after initial agreement, up to 5-6 in first 3 months, all highly experienced teams, and up to 8-10 teams in a 6-12 months after onboarding from markets and projects in the USA, Germany, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Belarus and Ukraine, markets where we have deep roots individually.

Company details

We take our business ethics and legal obligations seriously and have always been committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance. All of our workers are legally employed in our company, and we ensure that they are paid a fair wage, which is far higher than any minimum wage.

We have the list of our workers and their certificates, which we can provide to you upon request after the partnership is set. Furthermore, we are cooperating with external international lawyer company and their legal team is dedicated to providing us with the most up-to-date information and advices, ensuring that we remain compliant and operate in accordance with the law.

Our purpose

We believe that our experience and expertise can bring a lot of value to your business, and we are excited to discuss the possibility of partnership with your company. We are confident that we can cover a wide range of your company’s needs. Our team is fully committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We strongly believe that after several pilot sites we can create a successful partnership together.

Take in account that people we gathered is a big opportunity for high quality service, zero inconvenience regarding OHS and final acceptance delivered on time.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon.